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Ultra Compact Eleaf iStick Mini

  • Want a smaller e-cigarette than the Eleaf iStick? Well you can have it with the new Mini iStick made by Eleaf. It’s a smaller more compact version of the Eleaf iStick.

    The Mini iStick is about 2/3rd’s the size of the original iStick measuring only 52mm (2.1 inches) long, the original iStick measures 75mm long. The width of the Mini is also a bit smaller than the original at 23.5mm with the original measuring 32,8mm. Both of the devices have the same depth measuring 21mm.

    This device is small enough to be concealed in your hand and can easily be carried with you and kept in your pocket. Because the Mini iStick ism so small it does have to give up some battery capacity and power but I think it still has a good enough battery capacity at 1050mah. That’s enough power to last me for a night, maybe even a full day.

    The power output of the Mini iStick tops out at 10 watts, it doesn’t sound like you can adjust the wattage output but you can adjust the voltage output from 3.3 to 5.0 volts in o.1 volt increments. That may sound like it’s lacking power but it wasn’t too long ago that all devices top out at between 10-15 watts or 5-6 volts and we still enjoyed vaping.

    The design of the Mini iStick is very similar to the original Eleaf iStick. The side of the device still has a square firing button and two triangle adjustment buttons but the screen has been moved from the side to the top od the Mini iStick next to the 510 connection. The display is a simple round 3 digit LED screen that can display output voltage, battery power level, and vaping time in seconds. As you can see the LED screen and display parameters have been simplified a bit on the Mini iStick.

    To charger the device you use a mini USB port found on the bottom of the mod just like on the original iStick. They say it will take about 1.5 hours to fully charger the Mini iStick’s battery from a 1A wall adapter. Like the original the iStick Mini will be available in four colors; black, silver, blue, and red.

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